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Primary Office

Canada (Eos)

Virginia (NewlandGEO)


  • Mobile GIS 

  • Esri Apps (Collector, Field Maps, QuickCapture, Survey123) 

  • GPS & GNSS

  • SBAS & RTK 

  • Underground Locating

  • Laser Offsets 

  • iOS, Android, Windows

  • Fieldwork



Eos Positioning Systems

Represented by NewlandGEO

Eos Positioning Systems is the award-winning Esri partner and Canadian manufacturer of Arrow Series® GNSS receivers. Arrow Bluetooth GPS (GNSS) receivers provide submeter and centimeter-level accuracy to ArcGIS apps (e.g., Collector, Survey123, QuickCapture, Field Maps) on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.  In addition to providing device-agnostic high-accuracy to mobile GIS workflows, Eos also offers several solutions exclusively for ArcGIS users. These include (1) Eos Locate for underground utility mapping, (2) Eos laser offsets for mapping assets from afar, and (3) real-time orthometric heights (geoid model conversions) for high-accuracy elevations. Eos is represented in the NCUAG area exclusively by NewlandGEO

Contact Information

Davis Wildman

Owner & Authorized Eos Arrow GNSS Representative, NewlandGEO 


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