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North Carolina is a leading state in the geospatial industry, due, in part, to the excellence exhibited by the GIS professionals that live and work in this great state.  In that spirit, NCAUG strives to ensure that the next generation of GIS professionals have ample opportunity to receive a great education.  NCAUG awards academcis scholarships to current full-time students who are pursuing degrees or doing projects in GIS, Geography, Geomatics or other related studies.


To be eligible for a scholarship, Undergraduate and Graduate students must: 

  1. Attend an accredited North Carolina Community College or University with a declared major in GIS, Geography, Geomatics or related field.

  2. Not be a previous NCAUG Scholarship Award Recipient.

  3. Fully complete the application before the deadline.

Award recipients will recieve a free registration to the NCAUG Annual Conference, will have the opportunity to present their work, and a scholarship. Scholarships amounts will vary depending on the review of applications, but historically have been between $1,000 and $2,000. 


Application Instructions

1. Provide one letter of reference from a GIS Professor or the department chair. This letter must be emailed directly from your reference to the NCAUG Board at and must arrive before the application deadline.

2. Provide one project example such as a poster, application or paper.

3. Provide a written statement that includes:
(maximum two pages, double-spaced, times new roman 12 font).

A. Describe your career goals as they relate to the geospatial industry.

B. Describe the project example you have included and why has this interested you?

C. How would you expand on this work to impact society or further the knowledge of this topic?

4. Provide an unofficial transcript from the currently attending school. If you are a recent transfer student then you can attach more than one unofficial transcript.


Applications are due by 5pm on April 14, 2024

Recipients will be notified by May 17, 2024

To apply, click the link below to submit a digital application.

If you have any questions please contact:

Dr. Joanne N. Halls

NCAUG Scholarship Chair



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