North Carolina is a leading state in the geospatial industry, due, in part, to the excellence exhibited by the GIS professionals that live and work in this great state.  In that spirit, NCAUG strives to ensure that the next generation of GIS professionals have ample opportunity to receive a great education. 


NCAUG scholarships are intended to support full-time students enrolled in GIS-related courses/activities at an accredited North Carolina Community College or University with an emphasis in GIS, Geography, Geomatics or related field.  Applicants must be enrolled, full-time during the 2021/2022 academic year in order to be eligible.  Previous NCAUG Scholarship Award recipients are not eligible to apply.  We will be awarding two scholarships in 2021, one Undergraduate (including Community College) and one Graduate.  The recipients will also receive a free registration to the 2020 NCAUG Annual Conference and will have the opportunity to present their work.

Undergraduate Scholarship = $1,000

Graduate Scholarship = $1,500

Apply Next Year!


To apply, click the link above to submit a digital application.

You may also print the application from the link below and send your application directly to:


Peggy Fersner

NCAUG Scholarship Chair

Phone: (336) 337-1827


Applications are due by March 15, 2022

Recipients will be notified by April 4, 2022

Application Criteria


  1. Must be in your Junior or Senior year of study and have a declared major in Geography, GIS, Remote Sensing or related field.

  2. Provide a letter of reference from a GIS Professor or the department chair. 

  3. Provide a list of the GIS or Geospatial classes you are currently enrolled in as well as those that you have previously taken and are planning to take.

  4. Provide a digital example of your GIS course work in the form of a map or application that demonstrates your working knowledge of GIS.

  5. In two double spaced pages discuss the following:

    1. Why did you find the project(map, application) interesting?

    2. What real life applications do you see for this?


  1. Provide a letter of reference from a GIS Professor or the department chair.

  2. Provide on the application a brief statement stating your career goals as they relate to the geospatial industry.

  3. Provide digitally a poster presentation of your current or proposed research.

  4. In two double spaced pages discuss the following:

    1. Why did this area of research or inquiry interest you?

    2. How would you expand on this particular idea to make an impact in society or to further the knowledge base in this area?