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2019 Fall Conference

"How Far We've Come"

Sept 18 - 20, 2019 | Wilmington, NC

Hotel Ballast


Sept 18th - 20th 2019

BALLAST Hotel Wilmington

301 N Water St,

Wilmington, NC 28401


Welcome to the 2019 NCAUG Fall Conference.

The geospatial industry is constantly moving, adapting to new innovations in technology and an ever evolving generation of users, analysts and developers.  Today, we can collect data smarter, process and analyze it faster, and provide insights and results to stakeholders in ways not possible even a few years ago.

In addition to valuable networking opportunities, the Conference Committee has organized an agenda full of informative and interactive presentations, sessions and the ESRI learning lab which we hope will have a positive impact on how you conduct your work everyday. Additionally, We hope you will attend our amazing pre-conference workshops in the days leading up to our conference.  All proceeds from our pre-conference workshops benefit our annual GIS student scholarship fund.  Because of your continued support, we are able to award two scholarships this year, One undergraduate and One graduate, to some very deserving students.




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Pre-Conference Half Day Workshops



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Date: 09/17/2019  Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm

Harnett Ballroom


Mike Sweeney

In this 4 hour workshop, you will be introduced to ArcGIS Pro, it’s interface and advanced capabilities.  You will learn how to successfully make the transition from ArcMap as well has how to take advantage of the advanced features of ArcGIS Pro.


This workshop is divided into 4 sections, as follows:


  1. Introduction to ArcGIS Pro


Whether you have tried ArcGIS Pro or not, it is a bit different from what you are likely used to.  Learn how to navigate the ArcGIS Pro interface.  See how Projects are organized.  Understand a number of the options that can be controlled to make ArcGIS Pro work the way you want.


  1. Making the Transition from ArcMap


You may be on old hand at ArcGIS Desktop and are now ready to make the transition to ArcGIS Pro.  We will walk through first steps you can take to start moving your work to ArcGIS Pro.  Let’s talk about the work you do and how to get over the hump of learning and using this new application.  There are a lot of resources for making this transition and we want to make sure you are taking advantage of all of them.


  1. How do I do that in ArcGIS Pro?


So you can navigate yourself around ArcGIS Pro.  You can replicate your existing workflows from your ArcMap days.  So what are you missing?  What’s the big deal with Pro anyways?   Learn how to leverage what you already know about Pro with some advanced discussion on editing, map production and geographic analysis.


  1. Advanced Features of ArcGIS Pro


Finally, we will wrap up with a section on what are considered some of the most useful and powerful features found only in ArcGIS Pro.  For example:


Learn how to take advantage of the Task feature in ArcGIS Pro

                Use Arcade for symbology, labeling and popups

                The Solution Deployment Tool

                Automation through Python and Jupyter Notebooks


Using ArcGIS to Analyze LiDAR - (ESRI)


Date: 09/17/2019  Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Harnett Ballroom


Geoff Taylor

Join Esri for a 4 hour 3D workshop and discover how you can leverage your LiDAR data in ArcGIS Pro to 3D enable your organizations GIS. This session will cover LiDAR best practices, classification, 2D and 3D feature extraction. Attend this workshop and obtain all necessary knowledge to deploy your 3D basemap.

Beyond the 98: Understanding when GIS data is ready for NC911 - DataMark


Date: 09/17/2019  Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Lillington/Caswell Ballroom


Are you ready for Next Generation 911? The snail-like pace of standards development rarely keeps pace with technology advances, leaving many in the NG911 GIS sphere wondering how they will determine whether their data is ready to support NG911. The time to begin this process is now. The goal is to synchronize the MSAG and all tabular databases with the GIS data to a 98% match rate. Find out if you data is ready for a Next Generation 911 and be part of the 98% and beyond!

Grasping the Power of Python - Skip Daniels


Date: 09/18/2019  Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm

Lillington/Caswell Ballroom


Students should have:

Laptop with a licensed ArcGIS Desktop (needed to use ArcPy library.

A USB for the class work data, code snippets, and the PDF guide.


This workshop is intended for beginner and intermediate Python users with concepts focused on using Python for ArcGIS Desktop scripts many of which can also be used with ArcGIS Pro.  The course will start by covering the basics of the Python language, including coding format, variables, loops, and functions. Next, a deep dive into the ArcPy library (ArcGIS’s Python) to perform the following tasks:


  • Create file geodatabases

  • Move data from one geodatabase to another (i.e. file geodatabase to SDE)

  • Use Search, Update, and Delete Cursors to manipulate data

  • How to find and use ArcPy tool examples to assist in coding

  • Use analysis tools (i.e. clip, dissolve, intersect, etc.) to create new data

  • Information on how to automate scripts.


Other Python skills covered will include, if time permitting:

  • How to read/write CSV files

  • The use of SQL to modify SDE feature attributes

  • How to add/install other Python libraries i.e. to create PDFs and GUI interfaces for your scripts


The instructor will provide many code snippets that can be modified for personal use, along with a PDF book with everything covered in this course (plus more tips and tricks like using Python for ArcGIS Add-Ins).  This workshop will provide users with hands-on, working knowledge with Python scripting with ArcGIS.

Agenda & Presentations