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Primary Office

Address: 1299 B Parkway Drive  

Goldsboro, NC 27534


Toll Free: 888.757.4222

Fax: 919.429.4907


  • Strategic Planning

  • Rapid Deployment of ArcGIS Hub

  • Enterprise Development

  • Database and System Design

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Training, Education, and Knowledge Transfer

  • Software, Widget and Application Development

  • System Maintenance and Geospatial Support

  • Integrations with GeoAdaptor 

  • Grant Writing

  • Enterprise GIS Implementation 

  • Esri Specialties:

    • ArcGIS for Local Governments

    • ArcGIS Online

    • Release Ready 

    • ArcGIS Hub

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Beyond Location Intelligence

Geographic Technologies Group

Beyond Location Intelligence

Founded in 1997, Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) celebrates more than twenty-four years of growth and success. Built on a tradition of deploying the very best GIS solutions along with a corporate culture of quality, understanding government operations, and commitment to our clients, GTG continues to build an outstanding GIS portfolio.

Our company is committed to advancing the science of location intelligence and geospatial technology.  We want to inspire, push the envelope, break through boundaries, solve problems, and introduce a new kind of decision support. We go beyond location intelligence to plan, design, build, implement, transform, and maintain. We use spatial information to empower understanding, influence the decision-making process, offer new insights, reveal new data relationships, predict events, engage, and educate the community, and solve problems of the future. The ultimate outcome is a smarter, more resilient, and sustainable government.

We create location intelligent organizations!

GTG specializes in GIS services that include strategic planning, GIS consulting and comprehensive data services, mapping services, software development, GIS training, and on-call GIS support and maintenance. Our highly qualified staff has assisted local government organizations with planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining their entire GIS programs for over twenty years. Our recent award-winning successes demonstrate our commitment to local government in Canada and the USA. We empower government organizations by providing exceptional products and services, supporting our clients to better access GIS data, use GIS data, make better decisions using GIS data, improve efficiency, increase productivity, and save lives, time, and money using geospatial technology. GTG offers a complete range of geospatial services.

Our business lines include bespoke solutions for local government agencies. GreenCityGIS serves parks, recreation, and natural resources. SafeCityGIS serves public safety and emergency operations. UtilityCityGIS is designed for public works and public utilities. FiberCityGIS is for telecommunications and fiber network management. And SmartCityGIS serves smart towns, cities, and counties. We plan, design, implement, and maintain.


Contact Information

James Kelt

Vice President of Corporate Software

2021 Global Sponsor

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