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North Carolina Offices


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Dewberry Engineers Inc.

Family Owned.Client Centric.Community Driven.

Dewberry's Geospatial and Technology Services group is a leader in mapping services, coastal mapping, elevation derived hydrography, GIS Services, Geospatial Emergency Management, and Resilience Solutions for Coastal Communities. 

     Dewberry is a multidisciplinary geospatial science, mitigation planning, and engineering firm serving local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as commercial and institutional clients. Established in 1956, with more than 62 locations and 2,372 professionals nationwide, Dewberry is a privately held company founded by Sidney O. Dewberry 65 years ago in Arlington, Virginia. His son, Barry Dewberry, currently serves as Chairman of the Board and maintains direct contact with staff.

     Dewberry began offering Geospatial Services in 1974. Since then, our Geospatial and Technology Services group has grown to more than 250 professionals across the U.S. Our professionals include subject matter experts (SME) in various data services such as topographic and topobathymetric lidar, acquisition and data processing, the use of global navigation systems for data collection, geodetic and photogrammetric surveying, remote sensing interpretation, product development, vector feature extraction for water resources applications, database design, web-based development, and system integration. As a result of these successful data development practices, our highly efficient data maintenance and QA/QC programs promote Dewberry’s reputation as a trusted firm.

     Dewberry’s Geospatial and Technology Services group includes many of the most recognized and respected industry experts and thought leaders. We create, analyze, and build tools to share geospatial data, as well as help clients, integrate these tools into their daily lives. We fuse multiple data sets together and provide clients with easy-to-use tools that simplify the use of information to allow for more effective and efficient decision-making. We understand facility and asset management lifecycles and can aid owners and managers with all facets of managing their facilities. We employ the latest GIS software and database platforms, including the full suite of Esri products, as well as Oracle and SQL Server. Our products and services include application, web, and cloud-based development; system integration; database design mapping; data fusion; and mobile solutions.

     Dewberry is an Esri Gold Partner and was recently designated as an Esri Cornerstone Partner for our 20 years of partnership. We have received multiple Esri Business Partner and Special Achievement awards in GIS. With more than 200 GIS staff and consultants across the Dewberry enterprise, we are regarded as industry leaders in providing GIS/mapping services and other technological services. Our long-standing Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with Esri allows us to routinely participate in beta testing Esri’s new and upcoming GIS software products. Our clients often rely on us to assist them deploy the Esri platforms (on-prem, cloud, and enterprise), and leverage how to best apply the latest Esri software, tools, and applications.’

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     We were instrumental in developing geospatial standards and guidelines for multiple agencies over the last decade and have authored six of the industry’s leading references pertaining to geospatial data, including the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Technologies and Applications: The DEM User’s Manual (2001, 2007, 2019), USGS LIDAR Base Specifications V1.2 (2014), and the ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data (2015). At Dewberry, we take pride in accomplishing such contributions to the geospatial industry.


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Michael Baranowski

Geospatial Technology Manager          



Ryan Ligon

Geospatial Technology Manager          


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