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Primary Office

8401 Greensboro Drive

Suite 510

McLean, Virginia 22102



  • Digital Modernization

    • Application Devevlopment and Automation

    • Data Services

    • Enterprise Solutions

  • Engineering Support

    • As-Built Engineering Support

    • Asset Data Management

    • Intelligent Data Modeling

  • Spatial Intelligence

    • 2D Data Services:

      • Data Analytics and Data Science​

      • Data Conversions

      • Data Improvement and Maintenance

      • Data Migration

      • Data Quality Auditing

      • NG-911 Addressing

    • 3D Data Services:

      • 3D City Modeling​

      • BIM

  • Technical Specialities:​​

    • Application Development​

    • EOS GPS Devices

    • Esri Utility Network

    • Esri Technologies Implementation

    • FME

    • GIS Strategy and Roadmap

    • Managed Services

    • Systems Integration



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Avineon, Inc. 

Visualize IT. See IT Through

     Avineon was founded in the United States in 1992 on the principles of delivering high-quality services and solutions that rely on industry best practices and operational excellence. As a global provider of visualization services and solutions, we specialize in delivering quality and value through digital modernization, engineering support services, and spatial intelligence. We focus on the practical use of technology, mixed with domain expertise.

     Avineon’s journey of becoming the premiere provider of services and solutions that help both commercial businesses and government agencies optimize their operations through the effective use of visualization continued from there on, now spanning almost three decades. With headquarters in McLean, Virginia, and offices throughout North America, Belgium, France, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, India, and the Middle East, Avineon offers a global delivery model in combination with regional support across multiple domains and technologies. Avineon has been providing services to government clients on national, regional, and local levels for decades. We have, in addition, a long-standing experience in providing services to clients around the globe in several commercial sectors. We combine our international presence and experience with local experts to deliver high-level domain expert services, based on local industry know-how in combination with best practices from all over the world.

     Avineon leverages its capabilities to evolve company systems, data, and assets through our three main areas of expertise: digital modernization, the design and documentation of physical operations through engineering support, and the applicable use of spatial intelligence to harness geolocation in business decision making. As a trusted partner for our over 300 customers, we remain committed to finding new and improved ways of meeting our clients’ needs. Our innovative approach and solutions make us a leader in next generation business and agency operation and efficiency.

Contact Information

Wendy Peloquin

Buisness Development Manager


Kent Rothrock

Director of Managed Services


Joel Cambell

Senior Vice President

Commercial Systems

703-671-1900 ext.208


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