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61 Wilmington-West Chester Pike

Chadds Ford, PA 19317

T: (610) 459-7900

F: (610) 459-7950


  • Geospatial Roadmapping

  • Policy and Standards

  • Business Modeling

  • Workflow Automation

  • System Integration

  • Asset Management

  • Enterprise GIS

  • FAA Airports GIS

  • GIS/CAD/BIM Integration

  • Interior Space Management 

  • Application Configuration


Corporate Office


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ARORA Engineers, Inc.  

At Arora Engineers, we believe infrastructure should provide a seamless, safe, sustainable, and comfortable environment. Our goal is to maximize its role, impact and value through highly intelligent geospatial solutions that not only meet operational needs, but advance business objectives. Arora is committed to value-based innovation to address the evolving needs of the world’s most critical industries—Aviation, Transportation, and Education—through more intelligent, sustainable and connected infrastructure solutions that maximize value for our clients and partners.

Contact Information

Thomas Tiner

Geospatial Solutions Manager 


2021 Global Sponsor

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