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Primary Office

5438 Wade Park Boulevard

Suite 200

Raleigh, NC 27607


  • Enterprise Geographic Information Systems

    • Data collection, analysis and reporting

    • Map production

    • Geodatabase design and maintenance

  • Application Development

    • Desktop, web and mobile

    • 3D visualizations and simulations

  • Specialized Services

    • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

    • Asset management

    • SharePoint

    • City works

    • CITRIX



Social Media

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Contact Information

Zsolt Nagy, GISP                         Richard Fogleman, GISP, CFM     

919-760-4007                                     919-669-9089


2023 Diamond    Sponsor

In a world of ever-changing technology, our experts are driven to deliver the full benefits of geospatial solutions to our North Carolina partners and clients.

Knowing that results are critical on each project, we strive to help our clients achieve their goals to be better informed, manage assets more wisely, visualize change, predict the future, plan a better community, be more resilient, make it safer today and tomorrow, or simply to be more certain of their actions.

Our clients represent numerous national governments, states, counties, municipalities, and commercial organizations. Our teams are a blend of senior experts and young professionals, collaborating on new innovations every day. With hundreds of staff across North Carolina, we take great pride in our ability to create multi-disciplinary teams to tackle the most challenging of projects— leveraging geospatial technology and resources to the full extent.

Since 1990, AECOM has provided geospatial based solutions to North Carolina government agencies and commercial clients. Our staff include more than 50 full time GIS Specialists based in North Carolina and are led by experienced GIS project and technical managers, having at least 20 years of experience in the GIS Profession.

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