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Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday Aug. 30th, 2021

8:00 am  - 5:00 pm

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Session 1:  Grasping the Power of Python

Skip Daniels - City of Greensboro 

This workshop is intended for beginner and intermediate Python users with concepts focused on using Python for ArcGIS Desktop scripts many of which can also be used with ArcGIS Pro.  The course will start by covering the basics of the Python language, including coding format, variables, loops, and functions. Next, a deep dive into the ArcPy library (ArcGIS’s Python) to perform the following tasks: Create file geodatabases, Move data from one geodatabase to another, Use Search, Update, and Delete Cursors to manipulate data, How to find and use ArcPy tool examples to assist in coding, Use analysis tools to create new data, and Information on how to automate scripts. Other Python skills will be covered time permitting. The instructor will provide many code snippets that can be modified for personal use, along with a PDF book with everything covered in this course (plus more tips and tricks).  This workshop will provide users with hands-on, working knowledge with Python scripting with ArcGIS.

8:00 pm  - 12:00 pm

Session 2:  Preparing for Change 

Christopher Vokaty - Esri

Many organizations using ArcGIS are in the process of migrating GIS workflows to the cloud, integrating ArcGIS with other enterprise systems, and replacing paper-based data collection with mobile app-based data collection. Successful technology transformation happens when organizations realize the pivotal role that people play. The Preparing for Change workshop supports attendees who are modernizing workflows using ArcGIS apps and capabilities, expanding ArcGIS access to new groups within their organization, or planning other GIS-related projects that will significantly impact how members of the workforce perform their jobs.

1:00 pm  - 5:00 pm

1:00 pm  - 5:00 pm

Session 3: Working with Esri's New Damage Assessment Solution (v2.0)

Tiffany Puett - Highland Mapping 


In June 2021, Esri released a much more extensive version (v2.0) of the Damage Assessment solution for ArcGIS Online. It now includes dashboards for the public and individuals in addition to the ones previously for Emergency Management.  “This new and improved solution aligns with FEMA programs and includes a comprehensive set of capabilities that help collect damage reports, assign initial damage assessments, monitor the impact of a disaster on the community, brief internal stakeholders, and share information with the public.  The new Damage Assessment solution can be used for declared or non-declared emergencies to quickly understand the impact of a disaster and start the recovery process.” -Esri This 4-hour workshop will detail the setup and configuration of the solution in the ArcGIS Online hosted environment as well as lessons learned and things to consider during creation. Some discussion will be on topics surrounding use in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal (v1.0), ideas/use cases for archiving, and integrating into an ArcGIS Hub Site (a one-stop shop) for Damage Assessment. The format of the workshop will be slides, live demos, and Q/A sessions.

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